Madonna and Child Bronze

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In May I mentioned Dennis’ new piece of the Madonna and Child starting through the foundry.  A couple of nights ago I was able to photograph the finished bronze.

Dennis did a great job and the finished bronze looks wonderful.

Freedom Eagle

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This is a piece of Steve Streadbeck’s we haven’t cast for a while.  Steve did an excellent job simplifying and stylizing this majestic bald eagle.  We were casting one at the foundry and I thought I would get a good photo before it left.

bald eagle sculpture

Loveland Sculpture Show

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I am heading out this week to the United States largest outdoor sculpture show in Loveland Colorado. Over 500 sculptors converge on the tiny town of Loveland for a sculpture show like no other.  There are two shows held simultaneously,  one is held at the Benson Park Sculpture Garden and another is held at the Loveland High School grounds across the street. Find out more info here and here.

National Cowboy Museum

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A short time ago while in Oklahoma I had the privileged of visiting the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.  I was quite impressed with their large collection of western fine art. Not only was the size of the collection impressive but the work was top notch. They hold some of the most iconic work of the American West.

This monumental piece by James Earl Fraser may be the most iconic Western American sculpture there is. “End of the Trail’ stands more than 18′ tall and greets visitors as they enter the museum.  The sculpture depicts a defeated Native American on his weary horse.   A reverent reminder of the great trials and sacrifices of the American Indian. I could have waited for the room to clear before taking this picture, but I choose not to. I love the imagery of the class gathered around their teacher learning of this great work.

This sculpture is done by Utah’s own Blair Buswell. A larger than life-size sculpture of Charlton Heston in his noted role as Will Penny. I am grateful to know Blair Buswell and to have spend many hours in his studio. He is a living legend in the world of Figurative Sculpture.

This sculpture of John Wayne was created by Blair Buswell’s mentor Ed Fraughton. He too is a Utah born sculptor and has created many great works and is a personal favorite of mine.

“Canyon Princess” by Gerarld Balciar stands as the Focal point at the entrance of one of the main galleries. It was sculpted from a single 31-ton block of Colorado yule marble. The finished sculpture stands 15′ above the base. The work took more than a year to complete and was donated by the artist to the museum. It is a graceful and stunning sculpture.

This sculpture of Abraham Lincoln is another sculpted by the great James Earl Fraser.

“Ring of Bright Waters”


Both of these elegant wildlife sculptures are by Kent Ullberg. He has partnered with Blair Buswell and Ed Fraughton to create the largest sculpture instillation in the world “Spirit of Nebraska’s Wilderness” located in downtown Omaha. Another great place to visit, I have pictures of my visit but will post them in later post.

Yet another great American West artist was Frederick Remington. They have a twice life size casting of his famous “Coming Through the Rye”

We only had a few hours to spend at the museum before we had to catch our flight. I loved every minute of it and only wish I had more time to spend.

Mark Twain Bronze

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The Mark twain bust was finished today in the foundry. I think it turned out well. He will on his way to the client in Arizona soon. Let me know what you think.

Madonna and Child

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this Madonna and Child piece by Dennis Smith is on its way to be cast at the foundry. It is for a private commission in Kansas.

New Commission

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I am excited to make mention here on the blog that I am starting a portrait of the famed author Mark Twain.  This portrait is for a client in Arizona.  I am excited to do a commission of such a noteworthy individual.  His unique features and flowing hair and mustache will make him extremely fun to sculpt.

First Vision

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I have heard now from a few people that Kraig Varner has done the best sculpture depicting Joseph Smith’s First Vision. I would have to agree with those comments. A careful balance of grace and strength. The original sculpture can be found in the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City.

These photos show the clay for and updated version of the piece that Kraig is currently working on. This new work is over 40″ tall. The piece still has a bit of refinement left to be done, but should be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Brigham Young

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The original nine foot sculpture of President Brigham Young resides in the Utah State Capital. This maquette is a 20 inch version of the original. The commission to sculpt the first governor of Utah was awarded to Kraig Varner in the early 90’s. It was Kraig’s first major commission and has been his most widely known. Kraig was awarded the commision not only because he depicted Brigham Young so accurately but because he chose to show the leader in a strong gesture mid stride. Brigham Young is known as the great colonizer of the west, Kraig wanted to show a man of determination and action.


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A few pictures of some frigid bronzes taken on a cold December Morning.  Beautiful ice crystals speckle the surfaces of the bronzes.