Lehi Infant Memorial Model

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Lehi Infant Cemetery Bronze

The Model For the Lehi Infant Cemetery has been completed in bronze. I am excited for how it turned out. I am currently working on the larger than life version.

Lehi Infant Cemetery Sculpture in the Daily Herald

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Lehi Infant Cemetery Sculpture Daily Herald

The Daily Herald did an article on the Lehi Infant Cemetery Sculpture that I am currently working on. Its a nice article with a lot of great photos. Check it out at the link here.

Loveland Sculpture Invitational 2012

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Its been way too long since my last blog post.  We sure have been busy here at the Art Center.  Lots to mention in future posts.  Today I just wanted to share a video for the Loveland Sculpture Invitational we attend each year.  Its an astounding show held in Loveland, Colorado each year the second weekend in August.  You can see my artwork a couple times in the video.  If you ever have the chance to attend it well worth the trip!

Great Dane

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Kraig was commissioned by the Great Dane Trailers of Salt Lake to do a sculpture of their iconic Great Dane.  He did a superb job! Great Danes are one impressive breed of dog.  Their strong musculature makes them a perfect subject for sculpture.  Well done Kraig!

The Christmas Pageant

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Dennis Smith has created a beautiful Nativity set exclusively for Deseret Book.  Dennis is known for his wonderful sculptures of children so it was very natural that he chose to do the Nativity as a Christmas Pageant.

They are now in stock at you local Deseret Book and on their website here.

This photos shows the entire nativity scene.  You can also buy the individual figures.

The Holy Family

Double Angels

Double Shepherd

Double Wisemen

Single Wiseman

Single Shepherd

Single Angel

So many of us have fun memories of dressing up for a Christmas Pageant.  What a unique and fun Nativity set.

The pieces are very inexpensively priced.  They should sell out fast.

Garden Design Magazine

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Marble Casts

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We now are offering Marble Casts on a few selected works. The photo is of my piece “Reflection” cast in the marble. The piece takes on a whole new look. Prices for marble casts are 1/4 the cost of bronze.

Grandchildren Commission

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I have reached the life-size phase of the 6 grandchildren commission. All sculptures have been blocked in and are in various stages of development. All of the grandchildren have been grouped in pairs. Below is the sculpture pair that is the furthest along. Two cousins watering the garden together.

The other pairs are two cousins playing with a lizard and two cousins running to the pool together. This is going to be a fun group of sculpture. More photos to come soon!

Utah State Fair

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Scott at the State Fair

I spent Friday September 16th up at the Utah State Fair as the featured artist.  I spent the day chatting with people about my work and about the bronze process.  I met a lot of wonderful people that were excited about the arts.  Even nicer still, was the wonderful staff of the Fine Arts department and how kind and gracious they were to me. Sue Watts and her staff do a wonderful job each year.

Second Star to the Right

I had entered “Second Start to the Right” into the art competition.

People's Choice Award

I was excited to see that it had won an honorable mention and the peoples choice award. Visitors to the fair were able to vote for one painting and one sculpture. What a fun honor it was to have my sculpture chosen by visitors to the fair! Thanks to all those that voted for my work!


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It’s been a very long time since I have updated the blog. We’ve been very busy here in the studio and with travels. The above photo is from the Loveland Sculpture Invitational. The show was in August and is the largest outdoor sculpture show in the US. It’s a fun one to do each year. There are over 500 sculptors exhibiting each year. It’s absolutely a blast to see all the work!

On the 19th of this month I will be in Salt Lake at the State Fair as the featured artist at the Fine Art building. Its a fun opportunity to met lots of locals also interested in the Arts.

I have a commission that I have been working on for a family in California. I am sculpting all six of the grandchildren life-size for their backyard. Its a fun project! I will post photos soon. More updates to come!