Limited Edition and Personally Commissioned Bronze Sculpture

Scott is a classically trained sculptor passionate about creating sculpture of form and spirit


Bronze casting dates back to the ancient Chinese and the process has largely remained unchanged for thousands of years. The sculptures are cast using the traditional lost-wax method. Today the process is improved by mechanized tools but the process remains the same.

Studio Tour

The Alpine Art Center is home for Scott Streadbeck Sculpture and its parent company Main Street Art. The Streadbeck Family have been involved with sculpture for over 25 years. This impressive art facility houses studio space and a state of the art bronze casting facility.


Scott Streadbeck fine art bronzes can be found in galleries and private collections across the country. His work is sought after for his elegant design and exceptional detail. Although known mostly for his figurative work, Scott sculpts a broad range of styles and genres. As a young sculptor Scott has already achieved a high level of success and looks forward to many more years of sculpting to come. He enjoys working and collaborating with his clients. For more information on commissioning Scott click the link here.

Bronze Portfolio

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¬†Edition of 30 H 47 “, W 45″, D 16” Price: 12,000 There is much joy to...

First Coach

Edition of 30 H 15 “, W 11″, D 12” Price: Inquire First...


Edition of 30 H 48 “, W 26″, D 34” Price: 12,000 We all know the great...


Edition of 30 H 49 “, W 26″, D 24” Price: 12,000 This sculpture has a...

Close to Heaven

Edition of 20 H 92″, W 46″, D 28″ Inquire for Pricing As parents we...

Second Star to the Right

Edition of 30 H 29.5 “, W 8.5″, D 16” Price $5,500 Our Grandparents...

Close to Heaven

Edition of 30 H 25″, W 13.5″, D 8.5″ Inquire for Pricing As parents we...


Edition of 20 H 55″, W 32″, D 20″ Price: 12,000

Pactice Makes Perfect

Edition of 20 H 60″, W 29″, D 36″ Price: 16,500

Growing Together

Edition of 20 H 53″, W 30″, D 31″ Price: 29,000

Grandma’s Pool

Edition of 20 H 46″, W 49″, D 31″ Price: 29,000

Backyard Discovery

Edition of 20 H 38″, W 30″, D 18″ Price: 28,000

the Swimmer

Edition of 1 H 28 “, W 9 “, D 3 ” Price: $3,900 The swimmer stands in...


Edition of 30 H 18 “, W 8 “, D 8 ” Price: $3,900 She sits caught in a...